Delaware Small Business Chamber Blue Ribbon Awards Recognizes Over 25 Businesses & Individuals

The Delaware Small Business Chamber, founded in late 2011, is a statewide resource for small businesses throughout Delaware and the surrounding communities focused on companies with 0-100 employees and the larger companies that economically support local entrepreneurs. 

Diamond State Financial Group was voted Best Professional Company for 2021. DSFG was also recognized for this award in 2018, 2019, and 2020. 

Financial advisor and chamber member, C. Neil Stalter stated that the award is a “reflection of how I and DSFG are represented with the chamber and the community.”

There were several awards voted on by a panel of judges, a committee of business owners or the general DSBC Membership. Over 3,000 businesspeople had the chance to vote for their peers and select the winners of the voter’s Choice Awards. Over 25 businesses were recognized for their achievements.

Bob Older, president and founder of the Delaware Small Business Chamber said “… Our nomination and voting process make these awards some of the more prestigious awards given to the business community.” The Delaware Small Business Chamber is dedicated to helping local small business between 0-100 employees start, grow, and work together to build their companies as well as bringing together larger companies to work with the local small business community. 

This award was granted based on the firm's involvement with the local chamber of commerce during the year 2020. Working with this individual or firm is not a guarantee of future financial results. Investors should conduct their own evaluation.

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